Azzaro fragrance | The brand was founded by French-Italian fashion designer Loris Azzaro, who had been born in Tunisia and came to Paris in the 60’s. Now, Azzaro embodies the essence of Mediterranean style and sensuality.

      The first Azzaro perfume, Azzaro for Women, was introduced in 1975. A woody, cypress scent was later followed by the first Azzaro aftershave, Azzaro Pour Homme, an aromatic fougère.

      To this day, Azzaro has produced dozens of fragrances, one of the most popular ones being Azzaro Chrome, a citrussy, aromatic aftershave combining the fresh notes of rosemary, pineapple, neroli, bergamot and lemon with jasmine and coriander.

      Most Azzaro fragrances are heavily inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle - the hedonism, the hospitality and the sense of community. As an Italian brand, Azzaro knows very well how to seduce and enchant, every new perfume or aftershave being the embodiment of new emotions.

      Throughout its history, Azzaro has collaborated with the most respected perfumers in the industry, including Maurice Maurin, Michel Almairac, Alberto Morillas, Jacques Cavallier or Christine Nagel.

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